External Scouting Partner

ScoutLaB provides clubs, federations and agencies with objective scouting coverage. Through video scouting, live scouting and opposition analysis.

We cover more than 20 leagues per week and provide total league coverage, individual player reports as well as recommendations on demand.

Scouting Education

Since 2016 we have run online scouting education programs, as well as “in house” scouting education programs.

People who wants to become scouts, can purchase our online modules, one individual module at the time or in packages.

Scouting Mentorship Programs

We run free scout mentoring programs, with the aim of educating scouts for the future. Our goal, is to identify 1-2 scouts per year, that we can offer employment within our company as well as referring gifted scouts to partner clubs, federations and football agencies.

Scouting Workshops

We host individual scouting workshops as well as well as series of workshops for our clients.

We facilitate scouting education for football clubs, federations and agencies, both online and live. Our aim is to create a platform, for individual development as well as development as a scouting organisation.

What people say?

For me the scouting internship was a great opportunity to develop my knowledge and skills as a scout. I learned about how to look at players from different levels and different age groups. While at the same time, I learned so much from the other scouts who were participating in the program. For example about how to find the hidden gems within a team performance and different opinions with good discussions. And maybe the most important; Mellemmand is really there to help you as a scout. They give feedback and give you the opportunity to work in the real world of football when you show off you can bring some quality!
Satya den Boer
"The scout education at M E L L E M M A N D . C O M, has taught me many things about scouting and talent identification. First of all, the importance of structure and organisation, as well as the importance in scouts, coaches and the management in a club speaking the same football language, that being in scouting reports and in general.
Andreas Wagner
Brøndby IF - Youth Scout
“I can highly recommend participating in the ScoutLab course with Kenneth Santa and Mellemand.com as either an entry into the football world or as an addition to ones existing knowledge and skills. Not only was I taught how scouting at a professional level is being done and the many different aspects to take into consideration depending on the circumstances of different clubs, but there was also a lot of emphasis on personal progression in regards to fine-tuning ones ability to determine and assess players of all age-groups in a way which has proven invaluable to landing a role in a professional club after finalizing the course. This particular role, as Youth Scout for Brøndby IF, was also one which would not have been possible had it not been for Kenneth Santa setting me up with an interview through his network with such a big club. Despite hoping for some kind of employment after this ScoutLab course, this was more than I could have hoped for or imagined. Kenneth himself was always open, super friendly, and available for a chat about football or feedback in general and made sure to come and watch games with me as well to share his experience both from the perspective of watching games on video and live (when geographically possible), again, at all age-groups to ensure as vast a platform of knowledge as possible is obtained by the participants of the course.”
Lasse Ebbesen
Brøndby IF - Youth Scout
The scouting internship provided me to develop myself as a scout. What really helped is the feedback that I get during the internship. That was for me very important and that's what mellemmand internship makes the difference. It helped me to look at players from different levels. Also I learned lot of the fellow scout colleagues.
Savas Unsal